Freddie Flintoff the Safeguard

It appears as though everybody’s been having a pop at Andrew Flintoff lately (counting us). So in light of a legitimate concern for decency, and the respectable journey for genuine objectivity (in the event that something like this exists), we thought we’d give the opposite side of the contention. We won’t imagine that Freddie’s a teetotal scholarly with the strategic keenness of Michael Vaughan – or guarantee that he was on the whole correct to have a pop at Athers – we’re about to scrutinize the undeniably predominant media view that he’s Satan in essence (or in any event, a plonker).

Flintoff isn’t the primary well known individual to slag off another brandishing VIP

He won’t be the last by the same token. Indeed, it’s not especially becoming for an ex-Britain chief to consider one of his ancestors yet it’s not really a cardinal sin. Us cricket types are simply too ridiculous courteous once in a while. What’s up with speaking plainly? Freddy said nothing we haven’t said about various athletes while watching in the stands. A portion of the things I’ve said about Christiano Ronaldo would likely get me secured. At the point when James Cordon asked Freddy what Ricky Ponting resembled on Sky’s their very own Class an evening or two ago, the crowd howled uncontrollably when he addressed ‘somewhat of a prick’.

It appears to be unforgiving to give Freddy a kicking for calling Athers at nob, then, at that point, cheer noisily when he depicts a previous Australian commander as something almost identical. Perhaps us fans are at real fault for twofold principles here? The public experienced passionate feelings for Flintoff in 2005 in light of the fact that he appeared to be a conventional guy. He let out everything to anyone who might be in the vicinity, gave 100 percent each time in ran in to bowl, and he opposed the off track generalization that you must be elegant, expressive and brag a five star degree from Cambridge to skipper Britain. Nothing has changed truly.

The Flintoff we see on television these days is the very same individual

Indeed he cherishes a beverage. Indeed he doesn’t necessarily in every case use sound judgment. What’s more, yes he’s most likely crossed the line with some unacceptable individuals lately. Notwithstanding, it appears to be unjustifiable to censure him for showing the very same characteristics that put him on the map in any case. At the point when he got irritated his face before the open top transport march in 2005 people in general celebrated with him. Why get arsy with him now?

Assuming without a doubt the facts confirm that Freddy is at this point not wanted in the Britain changing area then, at that point, it’s miserable. Nonetheless, what number of ex-professionals (who haven’t been in that frame of mind for a very long time) are really invited into Blossom’s inward sanctum? Relatively few I bet – except if they have specific strategic or training bits of knowledge to give (which, can we just be look at things objectively, Fred isn’t probably going to offer).To be sure, barely any previous cricketers who currently appreciate media vocations are greeted wholeheartedly by existing players. Simply ask Simon Hughes.

His fantastic book Morning Everybody frequently specifies the way that his relationship with ex-colleagues changed once he began chipping away at television. In the meantime, reports that Flintoff has no mates left in cricket are well off kilter. He’s as yet extraordinary companions with Steve Harmison, and the connection among Freddy and Kevin Pietersen appeared to be truly warm when they showed up together on their very own Class. Likewise Jimmy Anderson. However the printed media had us accept that the connection among Flintoff and KP has been cold for a really long time. The lesson of the story is, ‘don’t really accept that all that you read’.

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